This is a place where I write about ideas and short projects more frequently in the future. Takes maybe a while to get used to and to enjoy. Don’t expect weekly updates.

3 creative coding challenges that you deal with yourself

When teaching technology, there are often things that seem obvious or unreasonably difficult to teach. And then there are things that are just overlooked. Here I write about three aspects of creative coding that can be real show-stoppers, but are not that hard to solve. This blog post was originally written for the Apress blog.

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Happy New Year 2021

When I wrote last year that I was aiming to update this blogging section more often then it is clear that this was a “new year resolution” fair and square–and did not happen yet. In a similar category were: reading more papers and books, writing more text than code and lofty wishes for fitness.

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Virtual conferences

This mini-article was written in April 2020, when it became clear that academic conferences would not be the same as before. In fact and hinsight, that is exactly what happened, with few conferences being canceled and large majority being moved online. Conference organizers went beyond what I imagined in April 2020, for instance, by using emerging 2D world interfaces that linked to video calls, presentations, and other interactive social experiences. We will see more of this kind of innovation in 2021, I think.

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Happy New Year, website

This year I used the winter break to move my website from an older Wordpress installation (always updated, but still getting stale) to a static site rendered with Jekyll. This move not only motivated by speed (environmental?) considerations and give me mind peace about breaking PHP plugins scripts in Wordpress, but also to use the transition to give it a bit more color and update the content. And have working blog again.

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