PULP is a software for authoring interactive screen-based experiences on the web or on mobile platforms. Unlike other, similar tools (and there are quite some), PULP is based on a new language. This language allows to express concepts of interaction directly in relation to visual elements that are interacted with and upon. The software package is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

From the short paper: As applications and especially games are moving to the web and mobile environments, different tools are needed to design these applications and their behavior. HTML5 in combination with JavaScript is a promising basis for such applications on a wide range of platforms. Content producers and designers often lack the tools for such developments, or the expertise to operate existing, but too complex tools. This paper presents work in progress about a novel domain-specific language (DSL) PULP that aims at closing this gap.

PULP logo

The language allows tying content such as images and media files together by modeling the dynamic behavior, movements, and control flow. The DSL helps abstracting from asynchronous JavaScript, state machines, and access to cross-platform media playback, which is generated in a final model-to-text transformation. The DSL and tooling were created and evaluated in close cooperation with content authors.

Below, the editor software is shown with the project overview and content outline on the left side and the editor area on the right side:

Tool screenshot

More information to follow. (Funk & Rauterberg, 2012; Funk & Rauterberg, 2011)


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